Monday, February 27, 2012

@growums Gets The Kids In The Garden

Tonight we welcome The CEO and creator of , Mike Ferraro. Check out the interview I did with him at Tropical Plant Industry Expo this past January at this  LINK.   The Growums team has been so kind to offer a giveaway to celebrate tonight's event on Twitter.  One participant who is present at tonight's #gardenchat  and who shares a question or idea on how to get get kids in the garden on THIS blog post qualifies. Be sure when posting your comment that you leave your Twitter name in the posting so we know who you are from #gardenchat.     The winner will be announced on Wednesday, February 29th at noon #gardenchat twitter stream.  We will need to winners shipping information no later then Midnight Wednesday February 29 of you will be disqualified.

more information about the @growums  in a box on the site. 

See you on #gardenchat from 9-10 p.m. ET tonight.   We hope to inspire you with new ways to get the kids in the garden this spring and summer!


That Bloomin' Garden said...

All you need to get kids in the garden is to send them on a bug search with a magnifying glass.

SolakNC said...

Last year, our great nieces, who live a few houses away from us, were fascinated with the caterpillars that were eating our butterfly weed, fennel, and parsley. They saw them munching, saw all the stripped leaves, and followed along to the chrysalis stage, but never saw the actual emerging butterflies. This year, I'm setting them up with their own 'caterpillar plants' for their yard, so they can witness this yearly miracle.

Chris Sabbarese - Corona Tools said...

One way I have found to get the kids out in the garden is to let them plant seeds for the fruits and veggies they like. I found the kids not only enjoy eating what they grow, they take an active interest in nurturing the plants. They learn how to sow, water and best of all, eat what they grow. Not to mention my kids love to dig so this gives them something to do with all those holes!

gardengeri said...

Tulip + Daffodil bulbs are perfect for tiny hands to plant " pointy side up". Plus balmy October weather is v enticing. Then flowers come up after the kids have nearly forgotten them, providing a lead-in to Spring seed sowing time!

gardengeri said...

Tulips + Daffodils are perfect for tiny hands to plant "pointy side up". Then after the kids have nearly forgotten them, the flowers arrive as a gateway to seed sowing in Spring. This post from @gardengeri from #gardenchat

Jenn's Cooking Garden! said...

My lil one loves planting and growing peas
she also really loves starting pumpkins from seed
What a great company
Happy Gardening

Laura Thomas said...

We love to plant nasturtiums with the kids in the garden. The seeds are large and easy to handle. My kids love poking them into just about ever where. Its always a surprise where they'll show up, and they always look good. Adding to the fun, we bring the blooms into the kitchen and add them to our salads which keeps the kids giggling all through dinner! :) My twitter handle is @GardeningDame

Laura Thomas.

Native Gardener said...

Wildflowers in the Meadow in Spring~ Take your daughter to see wildflowers growing with reckless abandon, let her run wild & pick what she likes. She will be hooked on gardening~ kathy @nativegardener

meemsnyc said...

One way to get kids in the garden is to allow them to pick what they want to grow. I find that my nieces and nephews love to grow tomatoes and carrots.