Sunday, February 26, 2012

Why Garden?

There are dozens of great reasons that people garden…these reasons are all unique and personal to each of us. We have different reasons why we get out of the house and get into the garden.

I garden because it is my passion. For me just getting my hands in the soil sowing a few seeds, pruning a few plants, or just walking around weeding the odd spot, is a delight.

My gardens have taken me through a lot of very difficult times in my life. They are therapy for a heavy heart…a calming place to sort through life’s trials, and a place to celebrate even the smallest victory. Just a few hours alone with my plantings, and even the most difficult situation seems a lot easier to face.

My gardening is a hobby…but to some gardening is a career. I have always dreamed of having a greenhouse that is just large enough to sustain my family financially. I am not sure I would like a huge commercial size one…that would take the passion out of it for me…but I wouldn’t mind having a business in the greenhouse/ garden industry one day.

I started to make this post thinking that I garden because I love it, but as the article took form, I found that I had a lot more than just one reason!

The challenge of starting a new type of plant that I have never tried before, the educational value of learning a new growing technique or plant variety. Adding to my landscape yearly is something I very much look forward to after a long winter.

The art of gardening, is an awesome way to get some exercise, spend some time in the great outdoors, and learn to appreciate all that mother nature has so graciously given to us.

Why do YOU garden? What things inspire you to get out and get your hands dirty? I’d love to hear!

Until Next Time…Happy Gardening!

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