Monday, October 31, 2011

Horror Stories From The Garden

Happy Halloween tweeps on #gardenchat Twitter Chat forum!  Join us tonight and sharing your horror stories that have taken place in your garden.  9-10 p.m. #gardenchat event  is dedicated to tales of horticultural horror! Please note your tale doesn't have to involved goblins, ghost or witches. A few lightening bolts and bone-chilling snow storms and scary shrub pruning incidences we've all experienced at one time or another in the garden are welcome. Be sure to included all the not so friendly garden creatures involved like creepy bats,spiders,snakes and slugs if you dare!

Post your scary tale at the bottom of this blog post to be entered in a #gardenchat t-shirt drawing that will take place at 10 p.m. SHARP tonight on the #gardenchat Twitter chat.     Follow our twitter stream Oct. 31st for more information as well as additional garden trick-or -treat fun!


Anya Shortridge said...

Horror story from garden... I feel like none of mine are actually horrific - but almost cutting my finger off with the pruners this summer is pretty well bloody awful!

Native Gardener said...

I was on my way to water a citrus tree at the edge of the yard, dragging the long hose, when I got stung in the forehead by a bee! Turns out there was a hive dug into the ground nearby. Wow, did it hurt. I'd never been afraid of bees before; they'd never bothered me in the garden. But U should have seen the Halloween mask my face turned into as it got more & more swollen! My eyes were just slits! I looked downright scary ...BOO!

Jo said...

I don't have one from this year but last year was Horrible! I ended up in the hospital for a week with a near fatal infection and had to have emergency kidney surgery just as we were entering a 60+ day period of drought, water restrictions and temps in the low 100s! My garden went un-watered for 2 weeks (while I was in the hospital and the week after I got home) - everything scorched and burned up to a crisp (except for the raspberries - go figure!) and I was truly just devastated & heartbroken. I couldn't wait to put that entire Summer behind me, it was so awful!

Tom said...

Seven-plus years ago, when Lynne and I were in our 'pre-dating' stage, we were long distance internet friends. I lived out on the coast of NC, and she was here near Raleigh. I would come out on weekends to help her with some handyman chores, and help her with her gardens. Since her husband's passing away 2 years prior to this, the gardens had understandably (to be polite) gotten quite out of hand.

I was new to gardening at the time. My spare time at the beach had been spent fishing, not growing things :) It was late Summer, early September this particular weekend, when she decided to reclaim the cottage garden. She pointed out the special plants to save, and what were the weeds. we worked our way through a maze of wild morning glorys and cypress vines that had consumed and climbed everything. As we got back to one corner, there was an empty birdfeeder on a shepherd's hook that needed to be moved. I went to lift the feeder off the hook, and as I did, a 3 foot long black snake literally FLEW out of the opening, through the air about 10 feet, in the general direction of Lynne, who was up to her knees in weeds. She SCREAMED - VERY LOUDLY - and made it out the garden entry and up onto the back porch 70 feet away in about 4.7 seconds! It was then I learned of Lynne's intense dislike for snakes :)

When she tells the story, she always adds "...and he still came back the next weekend".

We've been married a little more than 6 years, and now, when I see a snake, I've learned to let her know about it as calmly as possible, then move it off to a distant part of the property, well away from where she might be thinking about working. Usually, that's the opposite side of the house :)

Xan said...

Can't think of my own garden horror story, but this has always been one of my faves: