Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Read ‘Em All Tuesday!!!

We are so happy you could join us today!
My name is Glenda…but most of you know me as Tootsie…My partner Bren and I are super excited to share some exciting news with you! You know me (Tootsie ) from my Blog Tootsie Time. You all know Bren from BG Garden and Garden Chat (the very successful weekly chat on twitter) …We also sister/partner on our joint blog Growing 4 Seasons.
Both Bren and I love blogging and networking our sites, and have a myriad of blogs that we enjoy reading as much as we can. We share special blog authors back and forth all the time, and thought it might be nice if we shared some of those outstanding people with you…and…have you share some of your favorites with us! Thus, Read ‘Em All Tuesdays weekly meme was born!
Do you have a list of favorite blogs that you love to read? Do the posts inspire you? Have you just found a new blog that you are excited about and want to share the news??? Well…if you answered yes to any of these….this is your lucky day!
This party is brand spanking new! It is not just any party…it is a party with a TWIST!!! You don’t get to blow your own horn…you get to share a blog that who you admire!! There is no better way to show appreciation for the inspiration/entertainment/information than to send some new followers their way!
Read ‘Em Wednesday is a brand new way to show appreciation for your fellow bloggers! It is a party that offers us an opportunity to bring attention to some of the best blogs out there!
All you have to do is this:
A..Choose a blog that you enjoy reading off your blog list.
B..Write yourself a post introducing us all to your chosen blog and it’s author.
C..Be sure to put a link to that special blog in your post!
D..Link your blog post to this party…specific post URL…not your home page
E. Enjoy the party…and perhaps find a few new favorites on the list!
Now…I know I know…you are wondering if there are specific rules that this party insists you follow….funny you should ask:
There are a few straight forward guidelines that we ask you to follow…They are common sense really…
The Guidelines of this party are:
1. You cannot feature or share a blog that is not family friendly…NO PORN or ADULT SITES please!!!
2. You can feature any blog you want…any blog…there is no limit to the topic.
3. You cannot share your own blog…you Must share a favorite that you follow
4. Your post must include two things: 1. A link to the blog you are sharing. 2. A link to this party. You may also use the logo of this party and include a link to it as well. Either way….you MUST link to the hosting blog for this party!!!
( Any post that does not link directly to the host blog will be deleted…Our logo/link is VERY important to bring traffic to your blog and the blog you are sharing.)
5. You cannot enter without a post sharing another blog that you appreciate. You must share another blog.
6. You can only enter one time per week
7. you do not need to become a follower of each participant…but it would be nice if you have the time, to go to at least a few of them, and leave a wonderful word or two…and maybe even follow if you like what you see!
8. You are not allowed to feature any sites that are directly trying to sell something. This is not a party for advertising …or pedaling any wares. Any blogs that are created to sell any product will be deleted by party admin.
You can join/link into this fun new party at Tootsie Time, Growing 4 Seasons and at the Garden Chat Blog…It doesn’t matter which one you link into…the link will appear on all four lists… exposing not only your blog, but your featured blog to a whole lot of new fans! The linky will open Monday evenings and will close on Tuesday evening at midnight. You don’t have much time to join in the fun, so you best get posting!!!
I am sure most (if not all of you ) have heard of Garden Chat. If you have not… “#gardenchat is a Twitter based chat forum where garden enthusiasts from all walks of life connect and interact sharing ideas about their experience growing.” It is a weekly online chat administrated by Bren set up to discuss gardens, plants and all sorts of things that grow, with the best group of people around. It offers the opportunity for bloggers and gardeners alike to shine and to share! Bren works really hard to keep this chat running…and has made it a huge success…If you have some spare time on Monday evenings…check it out…you will not be disappointed! For more information about this weekly chat…please see the Garden Chat Homepage to learn all about it!
I (Tootsie) host a weekly garden party myself! It is a party for you all to Flaunt Your Flowers/Foliage every Friday. The linky for it is up and open every Thursday evening…and closes on Sunday evening. Please join me to see some of the most beautiful and inspiring gardens from all over this world!
Bren and I look forward to sharing our favorite blogs with you, and seeing who you read!
Until next week… Happy reading!
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Tootsie said...

I can't wait to see what everyone shares!!! the gardenchat crowd is awesome!

Anya Shortridge said...


Clarification on number 2:
. Your post must include two things: 1. A link to the blog you are sharing. 2. A link to this party. You may also use the logo of this party and include a link to it as well. Either way….you MUST link to the hosting blog for this party!!! <---- Is the link to the party the page I am on right now? Not sure...
Anya @MyGardenHaven

Southern California Woman Rancher said...

Great idea to share and connect with others. I look forward to sharing my special blog I have so many wonderful ones to choose from but I'll read and whittle until I get the right one to share here!

Anya Shortridge said...

I hope I post mine right!

crownpc said...

I can't think of a better blog than Bren's and Yours Tootsie. Keep up the good work, and I shall look back here often to see what others post.