Monday, September 19, 2011

Sexy & Exciting Tonight on #gardenchat

Guest Post by Helen Yoest,  Moss Rocks!™ market strategist
David Spain, co-owner of Moss and Stone Gardens in Raleigh, NC, has gained the reputation as moss expert working with moss in a very artistic way.
David’s designs are a work of art, from his landscape designs, to his dish gardens, and now with a new gift item debuting in October - Moss Rocks!
David’s expertise has caught to attention of many regional and national magazines, including a feature article on his dish gardens in early spring issue of Country Gardens, due out in January 2012; radio hosts, including Mike Nowak’s show in Chicago  and even on Martha Stewart Living's TV show, filming October 5th.
Moss is sexy, exciting, enticing.  With a little shady spot, making a moss garden, will make you mad - mad about moss, that is!  David has an infections personality getting you to moss where no moss was thought before. With Moss Rocks! everyone, everywhere can have a little moss garden.
Note From #gardenchat : David Spain's business was built entirely from social media.  His strategy was the brain child of Helen Yoest, social media expert.  In just 6 months, over a million people visited David's website through interactions with his blog, Twitter and Facebook.   Be sure to check David out on Google+ as well.

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