Monday, September 12, 2011

My Gardening Legacy

Guest Post by Emily Gonzalez @liquidfence

Every gardener seems to have a story about what inspired them to garden. Honestly, I don’t remember
a time when I didn’t garden. As a little girl, if I wasn’t weeding and climbing through my mom’s flower beds and veggie garden, I was picking fruit in my Great-Grandfather’s orchard or marveling at my  Grandmother’s patio slab garden. In my eyes, everyone gardened and spent their summer enjoying the

Emily @liquidfence
As a pseudo-adult/college student, I began to realize that not everyone grew up with a garden and fresh tomato sandwiches on a hot summer day. I saw my mom’s garden as unique and came to miss those quiet moments spent outside, marveling at the myriad of peppers or the tree of a weed that somehow escaped long enough to grow to mammoth heights. Maybe it was this uniqueness that inspired me to take on gardening as an adult. Or maybe gardening had become such a part of my life that I needed its routine.

The idea of a gardening legacy is so beautiful to me, mostly because I’m living breathing proof that it works. Gardening doesn’t have to be something that requires inspiration. It can simply be a way of life that’s passed on.

Image by Emily Gonzalez
Isn't that what the #gardenchat world is all about? Every week it brings seasoned gardeners and newbie
gardeners and possibly reluctant gardeners together in one place to talk and learn and grow together.
Of course inspiration is built in, but I’ve loved the nuts and bolts discussions about when to plant and
how to avoid problems. These are the kinds of community discussions that produce a gardening legacy,
where hopefully more people, like me, will grow up knowing no other way but to garden.

About the Author of this entry : 

Emily Gonzalez is the Public Relations Coordinator for The Liquid Fence Company. She tweets
@liquidfence and updates the company blog and Facebook page regularly with tips, information, recipes and community questions.


Bren Haas said...

Beautiful post Emily .... I've learned so much from my #gardenchat friends as well as been able to share my growing experience with others. Sharing the love of gardening is a wonderful thing. Thank you for being a part of that growing experience and always inspiring me!

Native Gardener said...

"Hopefully more people will know no other way but to garden!" Used to be every family had a vege garden at least. I feel that's coming back in a big way.

Jo said...

Beautiful, heartfelt post Emily! I didn't grow up with gardening, I discovered it in my 20s, much by accident, so I like reading about others who've been around it their whole lives. I can imagine what it's like but I get to know through stories like your.

Jo said...

PS Brenda, thanks for making this mobile friendly! I love being able to read & comment from my cell :o)