Monday, September 19, 2011

Moss Rock at #gardenchat Live in Chicago

In August we launched our first ever Ustream video webcasting of a #gardenchat party in Chicago to help kick off the IGC show event.  The party was held at LaManda Joy's beautiful home garden and we enjoyed fabulous drinks and appetizers with our garden friends who had until that night only meet on Twitter #gardenchat. One of our special guest at the first every #gardenchat live event was talented garden writer and market strategist Helen Yoest and her friend David Spain, co-owner of Moss and Stone Gardens from Raleigh, NC. My fabulous guest host Mike Nowak and I got to be the first to introduce this product via social networking.  

You Saw It First on #gardenchat Live!
The day  after this interview at the Independent Garden Center Show I got to speak with David and Ken about the Moss Rock product. In the photo below with David Spain is Ken Gergle, the award winning photographer and co-owner of Moss and Stone gardens and Moss Rocks   They actually did have the smallest table at IGC but they sure did rock the house the Navy Pier - Chicago at the IGC11! 
 We are honored to have been the first to share the Moss Rocks Product line on #gardenchat and tonight someone will win one of their very own.   Be sure to join in the conversation tonight on Twitter for your chance to win one of these creative little moss master pieces! 

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