Thursday, September 22, 2011

Over 1,200 tweets on Moss Garden Nite

Click link below to view transcript from #gardenchat with @moss_rocks

We want to thank David Spain @moss_rocks and Helen Yoest @helenyoest for providing some wonderful information and sharing the world of moss gardening with us on Monday 9/19.

Favorite Tweets From This Event:
@Moss_Rocks Yes the rumor is true. We are honored to be a asked to guest on the @MarthaStewart TV show airing in early October #gardenchat -9:45 PM Sep 19th, 2011

@GlassGardensNW Speaking of terrariums and some moss..... My handblown glass filled with succulents and some moss #gardenchat -9:43 PM Sep 19th, 2011

@MyBigGreenPen RT @agardendiary: RT @CowlickCottage: What I love about moss is it's so romantic & tends to grow in the most unexpected places. #gardenchat -9:42 PM Sep 19th, 2011

@Moss_Rocks: Moss Rocks from you desk to your deck

The Winner of the Moss Rock giveaway was @RedneckRosarian - Congratulations Chris!
His name was picked using during the #gardenchat event.  Thank you everyone for participating.

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