Thursday, June 30, 2011

108 Pages of Herbs.....

The 108 page PDF file link from tonights #gadenchat featuring Susan Fox and Judy Lowe can be found on the  #gardenchat Transcript Page.
Thank you to everyone who participated on tonights chat and entered images of their rose and herb gardens.
HIGHLIGHTS from 6/20/2011 #gardenchat
JudyDigginit RT @gardengeri: Mint on dashboard when leaving on a
trip #carsmellsgreat #gardenchat Geri, you're great!

SassyNancy Love to use herbs in kitchen window boxes. Pretty,
useful, productive: basil, parsley, thyme, edible flowers

nativegardener Hello garden friends. My hands smell like pizza fr
my Oregano #gardenchat

PaulFromAlabama #gardenchat Howdy @agardendiary and
@SolakNC or anybody else who flew by...:)

JudyDigginit @DebbieLB You can chop mint for ice cubes or use whole, for decoration. #gardenchat
CitySlipper @DebbieLB @GreenSoil @judydigginit @naturalart I puree herbs+H2O and freeze the slurry in ice trays. Looks gross; tastes great. #gardenchat
AbanaJacobs mini rose blooms red &
white stripe and also dark yellow & blood red stripe a home depot
$5 rescue rose #gardenchat

gagasgarden Please stop by for your download of
Rapid Fire Results With Roses #gardenchat

CHECK OUT MORE from everyday gardeners, prize winning growers, Authors, greenhouse owners, garden product owners, and so many more who participated in tonights chat!

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