Friday, July 1, 2011

#gardenchat : What Does It Mean To Me?

By Kathy /  @nativegardener

Like a lot of gardeners, I was looking for conversation with other plant lovers, people who understood my passion for growing things. On Twitter, I happened on #gardenchat, a meeting place for gardeners across the country.  At first I thought: "How can I get anything out of a conversation with gardeners who live in different places, with different soils weather?" But I thought, "Hey it's on Monday night. I can give it a try."

I immediately found a very interesting thing:  Gardeners, people who love growing plants, have more in common than they don't.  We all have a love for the soil, for seeing things growin', for sunshine on our faces, and for sharing cuttings or vegetables from a good harvest.  There is so much to talk about!  And you can keep in touch with new friends via social media throughout the week, as you like.

I also found there is a connection between gardeners and foodies.. real food people who love to grow their own vegetables and herbs. They are into organic growing methods, farmers markets, preserves, seed keeping and community/schoolyard gardens. 

Then, that extends out to people interested in so many other things: garden design, container gardens, urban gardens, rooftop gardens, garden photography, rose gardens, wildflowers, trees, bees & butterflies, garden design for therapeutic landscapes, native plants, gardening for wildlife, and native gardening with the whole ecosystem in mind.

Where can you put it all together, but on #gardenchat!  Thanks, #gardenchat, for all the new friends and new conversations.

Some of the many voices in the #gardenchat conversations:

@Tee Riddle, vegetable growing@CitySlipper, rural living, gardener, writer

@LifeontheBalcony, container gardening

@GreenSoil, organic amendments

@TinkHanson, garden photography

@RedneckRosarian, rose gardens

@HelenYoest, moss, garden coach

@SeasonalWisdom, grocery gardening & more

@vagablonde515, organic foodie

@cowlickcottage, organic gardener & foodie

@Stark_Bros, grower of fruit trees

@TeresaLoe, preserving

@GGWTV, garden TV

@BBBseed, wildflowers 

@TheYarden, community vegetable gardens

@backyardwisdom, nature & gardening

@4bratz2luv, vegetable gardening & foodie

@SusanHeneman, enabled gardening

@Robbornstein, therapeutic gardening

@arborandvine, online gardening store

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Tootsie said...

I love all of the people I have met on gardenchat and other places online!