Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Creative Uses for your Common Garden Herbs and Favorite Backyard Weeds!

 Join Kristie Nackord of Spirit Horse Herbals and Kiki Geary of Poppy Swap on Monday night to chat about some of our favorite plant allies including some of our common garden herbs as well as our favorite backyard weeds!This gardenchat will inspire you to discover the wonder of your favorite garden plants. Learn creative cultivation methods and healing techniques to make those beautiful rose petals or lavender flowers come alive even after they are harvested. Not sure what to do with all of that mint or mugwort or wonder what the mysterious looking weed might be? Kristie and Kiki will be available to answer all of your herbie questions!

Poppy Swap has over a hundred herbal artisans, get online and see who shows up for this Monday’s gardenchat! Also, become a new fan on the Spirit Horse Herbals facebook page and introduce yourself on the Poppy Swap forum and be entered to win some wonderful herbal products crafted by Kristie and the other Poppy Swap herbalists!

About your hostesses:
Kristie Nackord is the ‘herbalicious herb girl’ behind Spirit Horse Herbals. Rockin’ a medicinal herb and food garden at 8,300 feet in the mountains of south-central Colorado, Kristie is passionate about all things green—and furry! To learn more about Kristie, check out her website: Feel free to drop a line her too, she LOVES ‘plant talk’. or follow her @spirithorseherb or

Poppy Swap is a new online market place of herbalists. Any herbalist can create an online storefront and sell their handmade products. Poppy Swap is dedicated to bringing you the best of our organic planet. Shop the swap for handmade body care, natural remedies, custom teas and inspired art. Learn about herbs through the site or connect with your community by finding local herbalists in your region.

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