Friday, January 6, 2012

Biochar by Soil Reef / BLACK GOLD

The #gardenchat Community is excited to have Lopa B. and Jeffrey W. of Soil Reef  as our guest host Monday (1/9/2012) for the scheduled #gardenchat.   Our topic is Biochar  - The 2,000 year-old Amazon farming practice that creates – the richest of all soils! And it’s sustainable. They’re unveiling SoilReef at MANTS – a blend of 50:50 with Organic Mechanics.

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More about your Guest Host 1/9
  • @lopabrunjes is Executive VP at Biochar Engineering Corporation.  You can connect with her on LinkedIn :  Lopa B. 
  • Co-Founder The Biochar Company & EcoTechnologies Group, LLC  Jeffrey W.  You can connect with him on LinkedIn Jeffrey W. 

Soil Reef™ biochar provides massive gains in both agriculture and the environment by helping soil retain water, nutrients, protect soil microbes and, ultimately, increase crop yields.  You will grow healthier plants that are more resistant to disease, sequester CO2 and stabilize rich carbon in your soil- all with just one application.  Learn more Monday, 1/9 on #Gardenchat.

The information about was present to #gardenchat by Suzi McCoy and Garden Media Group.  Please check out their website at  

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The Seed Keeper Company said...

Really excited to learn more about biochar. Looked at the sites--very curious.
See you tonight!