Friday, January 6, 2012

All About Garden Blogging

One of our very first guest host on #gardenchat was Ramon Gonzalez , better known as @MrBrownThumb on the garden networks.  He is a talented garden writer who writes for the oldest garden blog publication in Chicago as well as a talented photographer whose work has been published internationally.   On November 14, 2010 we had the privilege of having him guest host on #gardenchat.  The topic was on garden blogging which is he knows so much about if you just click over to his site : Mr. BrownThumb Blog where you will see his fabulous photography as well as growing information.

On the #gardenchat transcript you will find 32 pages of information present by Ramon as well as from many different people involved on #gardenchat on the topic Garden Blogging.  

@TheGardenChat picks from this #gardenchat Event: 

@BlueLGCrew: i want to know too RT @BG_garden: Whats your favorite garden blog?

@BugladySuzanne: AAS Winners 2011 #gardenchat #greenhouse

@Brooke_CCM some of the best ideas come from garden bloggers who network!

@C_Vanderlinden Thanks for stopping by for #gardenchat You're one of my
garden blogging inspirations! #gardenchat

@yolandavanveen: RT @deltagardener: Most popular posts that I repost: Tomatoes, garlic,
composting, flower bulbs, holidays, sunflowers, organic #gardenchat

@MrBrownThumb: Started a blog once & was told to register it & never did.
Someone came around & registered it. #gardenchat

@LifeOnTheBlcny: @cityslipper @BG_Garden I think the video plugin is made by automatic and is called VideoPress #gardenchat

@MrBrownThumb: @MelissaJBond Someone told me "Not ur pic I took it" I was like, "So how come it have my logo and name?" LOL. #gardenchat

@MrBrownThumb: @yolandavanveen Yes, keywords are important as it what you name the image fileand text around it. #gardenchat

@MrBrownThumb: If you're wondering what keywords u can include in a posts, check ur stats. Get some idea of what people are using to find u #gardenchat
Read the complete transcript at this LINK.

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mrbrownthumb said...

Thanks for the luv, Bren. You do a great job with garden chat, it's always fun to read.