Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rocking #gardenchat With The Garden Rockstar

Today I received my copy of I Garden: Urban Style Grow The Garden that Fits Your Space & Schedule by Michael Nolan and Reggie Solomon. The photo to the left is a MUST share considering I can't help but imagine the creative ideas I'm going to get out of this book to help make this little space in my yard the growing area I've been dreaming of. I literally ripped into the package just a few steps from the mailbox and this cabin where the mail is delivered knowing it was what I had been anticipating after speaking with this books Author yesterday. I held the book up to admire the cover and it hit me... TOMATOES! I've been drawing up plans to make this roof top a live roof and working on a way to water in this location during the hot months that I never thought of planting one of my FAVORITE treasures from each summers harvest. I can see a landscape with fresh veggies like tomatoes featured in this space growing this summer. As I flipped open the book I was captivated by all the bright images used to capture the true creativity of gardening. Let me tell you - I am loving this book before reading it! Did I mention that Michael Nolan is our guest host on Monday for #gardenchat. I'm excited to here all the wonderful gardening tips and ideas he has to share with us. Please bring your questions for him as well because he is also a rockstar on Twitter and will be able to take questions live! Want to know where Michael got his nick name Garden Rockstar? Ever wonder what it is like to write a book? I had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Nolan last Friday about these topics and about his plan to grow 60% of what he eats by 2012. I invite you to kick back and enjoy this podcast with Michael Nolan - The Garden Rockstar.
This podcast with Michael Nolan, Author of I Garden Urban Style is going to get you out in your garden or balcony and growing what you eat. If you want to learn more about Michael please visit his website at Join us on Monday April 4, 2011 at 9pm EST for a special #gardenchat event with The Garden Rockstar, Michael Nolan. He wrote the book on urban gardening and now he's breaking new ground building a rural homestead. As a lifelong gardener in some of the most unforgiving environments around the country, Michael thinks that everyone has the power to grow no matter where they are. Come armed with your questions and stick around to enjoy the company of hundreds of like-minded friends. From community gardens to containers, kitchen gardens to just plain kitsch, we're talking about the limitless potential of a new generation of gardeners this week on #gardenchat. Don't miss it! If you would like to submit a question early for Mr. Nolan please do on this blog entry.

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