Friday, December 14, 2012

#GardenWalk Thursday On Friday: @gardeninbetween & @SassyNancy

I'm breaking with tradition for our first #GardenWalk Thursday on Friday for December here on #gardenchat by picking two Featured Tweeters for this week!  Both of their photos were so pretty, I didn't want to pick just one!

Imperfect gardener.  Love roses, animals, books, flowers.
Speech/Language Pathologist by day (acute care, outpatient dysphagia).
Greater Vancouver, BC.
One of my fav. photos from my garden.
Love the small buds of Gourmet Popcorn rose next to large poppy buds.

Garden Design, Container Gardens, D.I.R.T. girl.
D.esign + I.nstall + R.evitilize = T.rasnformation
Suwanee, Atlanta

First buds of the season Amaryllis 'Merry Christmas'

Thank you Louise and Nancy for sharing on Twitter via #gardenwalk!

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aka Bloomin'Chick. Wife, mother of an angel in Heaven, survivor; a real Jersey Girl. (What you see on those reality shows isn't real!) Writer, photographer, joyful gardener (coastal Zone 7b/mountain Zone 6a) & avid reader. Eclectic, creative & happily married late 30-something who lives at the sea w/her heart in the mountains who happens to be disabled with Seronegative Arthritis & Fibromyalgia.  I blog about my passions & life at Diggin’ Around and my NJ at NewJersey Through My Eyes.   

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