Saturday, September 8, 2012

True Survivors in The Gardens

Last Monday on #gardenchat the topic was "Survival of the Fittest".  Gardeners from all levels of growing were encouraged to share their suggestion on what plants were surviving after the crazy weather of summer 2012.   The event was captivated by and audinece of well over 40,000 despite the fact that it was Labor Day. 


Some of the plants that were featured on the #gardenchat Pinterest board created for this event :

View the complete collection of 'Survival of the Fittest' on Pinterest Here. 


63 Twitter users joined in Monday night to add to the conversation about plants that are doing well after the crazy weather faced by many this past year.  Some of the highlights of the event can be viewed at the bottom of this post. You can download the transcript at this LINK.


@gardenersnotebk Hello to all. @gardenersnotebk is Douglas E. Welch from
A Gardener's Notebook What's up? #gardenchat

@SerenityGarden @TheGardenChat Without watering this year, my
Rosemary and Blue Oat Grass have been taking the drought like rock stars.

@SubvrsiveHippie All of my perennial herbs and vining fruits did well this
year. The apples and stone fruit trees didn't do so well. #gardenchat 

 @gardengeri Planted Native Persimmon seeds- will sprout after stratification
next spring #GardenChat #herbchat

@OrganicLawnDIY Anyone have suggestions for a good northern blueberry
bush that gets 4-5' wide? #gardenchat

@Rudie_V Getting ready to start up kale, spinach, and lettuce again, and
trying arugula for the first time. #fallplanting #gardenchat

Thanks again to everyone who joined in the conversation.  We hope you join us next Monday as we share the Harvest : How to Preserve and what to grow next!

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