Sunday, September 23, 2012

How to Make A Twitter Account

Come join us on Twitter : one of the largest growing social networks available.  Twitter is FREE and a great way to connect with 100,000's plus garden enthusiasts around the world.   In this blog post we will share with you 5 easy steps on how to be connected in the cyber gardens.

1.  Visit Twitter .com  
2. Sign up for Twitter by entering your email and a password.
*Be sure to create a Twitter friendly user name for gardeners : a nickname that captures WHO you are and keep it short!
3. Click on the Settings  located in the top of your twitter page right hand corner pull down menu.  See image below - red arrow.
4. In Settings : Be sure to click on each category ( see image below) in the left hand column to fill out your networking information.  Be sure to include your blog  or website in the PROFILE section so when you Tweet others can visit your site filled with garden information. 

5. Click on Settings - Profile to add your Twitter Profile Photo ( image below) .  It is very important to add an image your future audience can identify you with.  Upload an image from your computer, your file can be up to 700k in any of the following formats: JPG, GIF, or PNG on this page.  **  Follow basic photo guild-lines like using a photo that belongs to you and make it relevant to what you are sharing daily. 

6. Be sure to click on the EMAIL setting on the left hand column as well so you don't get over loaded with emails that you don't want.  You can select what notifications you receive from Twitter on this page. See image below.

6. Make your Twitter Page welcoming .... by visiting the Design page located on the left hand column as featured in image below.

7. Connect with people we trust in the cyber gardens by checking out the #gardenchat official Twitter account @thegardenchat list.

  During the Monday night Twitter chat event is a great time to engage and connect with others who want to share and learn more about growing so be sure to join us! 

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