Saturday, September 29, 2012

Adventures In Gardening: A New Spin on #GardenWalk Thursdays!

Happy Saturday from a damp & cool coastal NJ Zone 7b!

Since I last wrote, Autumn has been fickle weather-wise: teasing us with beautiful, quintessential Fall days then slamming us with unbearable humidity other days & sometimes drenching us with rain.

But, while the garden is starting to slow down & thin out a bit, it’s still going strong with nearly everything in bloom!

 Is there anything more delightful than roses in Autumn, I ask you?!

And that’s when it hit me! Changing up #GardenWalk Thursdays  - seasonally that is! (Lots of things are hitting me at random as of late; Autumn is my most creative time of year).  Even monthly themes, throughout the year. Why this hadn’t dawned on me before, I’ll never know!

Beginning Thursday, October 4th, #GardenWalk Thursday celebrates Autumn in our gardens for the month of October!

Tweet a photo of your favorite Autumn bloom, color or harvest from your garden on Thursdays, including the #gardenwalk hastag in your tweet & you may be featured here on our blog on Fridays!

I hope you'll join us for #GardenWalk Thursdays!

Until next time…
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Be sure to catch more of my daily garden photo shares via #GardenWalk where you can see what's growing around the world right now & share your garden with like-minded folks!

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