Saturday, August 11, 2012

Adventures In Gardening: Simple Pleasures in the Garden

NJ Zone 7b.
Good Saturday morning from a super sticky coastal NJ where it's 79* with 94% humidity! (And it's not raining). Soaking t-storms passed through yesterday afternoon & evening and more are expected soon today. It's been a period of adjustments since I last wrote. We had (Hubby's) Dad's memorial service and my elderly flew back to FL last Saturday. Our home is ours again and things are getting back to "normal," or something like it. ("Another new normal" as I say).

Amid the chaos of plumbers repairing the upstairs bathroom (which leaked through our bathroom ceiling, again) and getting ready for my iv medicine session Tuesday morning, I spied the first Morning Glory of the season blooming out on the arbor by the tall gate! (We have two gates, one tall, the other short). A pretty pink beacon. So exciting! Happy dance in the garden! (Well, a bit later in the kitchen actually). You know what this means don't you?! Autumn is coming! (My favorite season, my happy place).

Now, like everything else in my garden this year (except the tomato's & beans), these Morning Glories, grown this year from 'Scarlet O' Hara' seeds that were left to dry on the arbors until this Spring, are blooming one to two months early.  Twitter & blogging friend, @HedgerowRose said, "They're back to school flowers" for her, which in previous years would have accurately described their timely appearance here in my garden (which runs through Halloween, or the first good frost).  Early or not, this first bloom made my heart about burst with joy, something I haven't felt since before Dad passed.

Wednesday morning, after a frustrating night of mediocre & uncomfortable sleep, I remembered the Morning Glory from the day before, dressed quickly and grabbed my cameras.  I went to the spare room window & peaked through the blind.  Sure enough, two small clusters of pink blooms on the arbor!  So out into the beautiful, foggy (horridly sticky!) morning I went.  Thankfully the sun wasn't having an easy time of breaking through the dense fog, which kept the heat somewhat at bay so I could putter about in the garden after I took Morning Glory photos.  A bit of watering & deadheading and I was 'stick a fork in me' Done.  The oppressive, moisture filled air sapped the energy right out of me, especially since I'd just had my iv medicine session the day before, but, despite the fatigue, my heart was again filled with joy.

I can't believe how happy the Morning Glories appearance makes me every morning!

Plus, I love being out in the garden so early, before I do anything, like eat breakfast or journal.  Before the symphony of crickets, cardinals (and sometimes cicadas) is drowned out by the commuter traffic on the highway (which we live 150 feet from).  Before the neighbor across the alley is out in her yard with her hard of hearing sister.  ("What?!"  "WHAT?!")  More times than not, I wake each morning feeling as though I haven't slept (even when I have) and in pain from head to toe (which is no exaggeration).  Early morning garden walks, when I'm able to get out there for them, are an easy, peaceful & engaging way for me to fully wake up & begin my day.      

While you enjoy my 'Scarlet O'Hara' Morning Glory slideshow of photos I've taken these last five days, think about what simple pleasures in your garden fill you with joy & help you through your day.

Share them with me in the comments below!

Until next time…

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Hedgerow Rose said...

Love this post! So true, so true. The garden is such a source of peace and calm for me; it's the first place I (sometimes literally) run to when I'm feeling blah. My favorite time is in the morning or early evening when everything is at it's most magical. Thank you for sharing this!

Jo said...

Thank You so much! I'm so glad you loved this post, that makes my day!!! My garden is the first place I turn to (literally as well) any time of day but especially in the morning and the evening, after dinner as the sun sets.