Saturday, August 25, 2012

Adventures In Gardening: An August Garden Walk

Hello friends! It's another sticky morning here in coastal NJ zone 7b, much different than last Saturday where it was damp & cool and only 68* at Noon!  I'm still 'weak in the knees' relieved that we've had something of a break from this awful Summer heat & humidity combo with cool early mornings & evenings bearing a hint of crispness that gently pats you on the shoulder and promises Autumn will be here soon.  I cannot wait!  I'm getting cabin feverish from having to hibernate indoors with the ac so much this year.  (Because of my health, humidity (plus heat) and I do not get along).

The cooler temps have also been welcomed by my garden and it's come back from Summer vacation to my delight & joy!  When I was a kid, I hate August, probably because it meant Summer camp would be ending & school would begin again soon.  I didn't notice the changing light, the resurgence of nature after a brutal Summer, the beginning of leaves turning (which is already happening here!!!) and that subtle hint of cool in the air I mentioned above.  And how could I not have remembered August meant Halloween was only 2 months away?!  Over the last two weeks, after noticing the beginnings of the change in seasons, I've come to love August.

With so much going on in the garden these days, I'm going to play 'show & tell' instead of writing more today!  I hope you enjoy my August Garden Walk slideshow and tell me afterwards in the comments below what's blooming in your garden this month!

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Teresa Byington said...

Everything looks beautiful in your slideshow! We are excited that our grass is green again. I have a few roses blooming but most of them are gearing up for their next flush of bloom!

Jo said...

Thank you Teresa! Yes, it's an exciting time in the garden as it revives to put on another gorgeous showing! Glad you stopped by!

Hedgerow Rose said...

Such lovely photos! I can hardly believe Halloween is just a couple of months away. Oh my gosh, where does the time go?

Jo said...

Thank you Lara :o) I can't believe how quickly this year has flown by myself!