Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Transcript from June 25 : Sustainable Garden Design

The complete 1 hour transcript from Cristina da Silva / The Real Gardener sharing Sustainable Garden Design on #gardenchat can be found at this link : June 25, 2012

Highlights from last nights #gardenchat topic include: 

@Kjlarch Yes, if you use Native plants @TheGardenChat Q2: Do you have to
water less if you have a sustainable garden? #gardenchat @CristinaGarden

@reddirtramblin @CristinaGardens @nativegardener When new subdivisions
are built, they should leave trees and other long-term plants. #gardenchat

@aHaModernLiving Yes! RT @reddirtramblin: By incorporating more natives,
helping pollinators which are having a terrible time esp. bumblebees. #gardenchat

@nativegardener @CristinaGardens native plants have a connection with the
soil that other plants do not, even if they have similar requirements #gardenchat 

@csabbarese RT @CristinaGardens: Principle 4: garden needs to be in
concert w/ natural events & cycles. Gardeners & landscapers <3 this #gardenchat

SimmonsNaturals RT @urbantweeter: Q3: Sustainable garden design
objectives that use less. Sustainable gardens avoid depletion of resources

What makes a garden sustainable is a complex issue. It takes time, thought and
analysis. But it’s not impossible. Whether it is a new garden or a garden renovation,
the best way to create a sustainable garden is through the design process.

Learn more about Sustainable Garden Design by checking out the June 25, 2012 Transcript at this link.  

NEXT #gardenchat is Open Forum July 2nd  

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