Saturday, May 26, 2012

Adventures In Gardening: Remembering & Honoring Our Fallen

(Writing from coastal NJ Zone 7b)

Hello friends & tweeps! I hope you're all well and your gardens are growing beautifully.  We've more than caught up on our rain deficit, going from roughly 10"s below normal for this time of year to about 3"s and I for one couldn't be happier as I'm sure my garden is too!  I've been battling black spot, powdery mildew & aphids already for weeks on my roses but it seems to be under control as of now.  (Oddly enough, black spot is prevalent on the length of our road this year but the closer to the water you get or further inland you go, it disappears). Our wicked humidity has returned and temps are on the rise, just in time for this unofficial start of Summer. 

My husband, a Marine, has been in the American Legion for more years than I probably know, has been active with a Post since around 2004 and is Commander of his current Post (just re-elected for another year) and May is just about the busiest month of our year because of Memorial Day. I feel very honored to help him, his Post and our VFW with the Annual planting of the Flags for Veterans in a local cemetery.  I don't know how many acres this beautiful cemetery is, but there are well over 2,000 Veterans buried here from what seems like every conflict the US has ever been involved in to the present, as well as victims from September 11, 2001.  Our little group of 5 placed roughly 800 flags in just under 4 hours.  It's not easy for me physically and I usually end up sick by the time we're finished (as I did again this year), but, it's the very least I can do to thank those who've protected our Freedom.

I was sad not to see even one Peony blooming as they have been in previous years when we've been there for this.  Bloom times are completely out of synch this year.  This cemetery is roughly 5 miles inland from our home and the Peonies were well finished blooming even though we were there a week earlier than usual.  (Here on the coast, Peonies bloomed the week after).

This is the same cemetery where I honor my daughter at different times of year because I feel the need to go beyond my own garden sometimes.  It's truly a peaceful place where the garden & landscape honor those passed and comfort the living. 

In honor of this Memorial Day, I wanted to share with you some of the many (many) photos I took while placing Flags.  I hope you'll take some time throughout this holiday weekend to remember our Fallen, past & present and if you see a Vet, please thank him or her for their Service, you'll make their day!  Have a safe & lovely weekend!

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