Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Where Would You Put This ....

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 While networking and sharing #gardenchat with everyone in Philly this weekend for the Philly Farm and Food Festival I met up with this couple who were totally into local food. I happen to take their photo next to this hydroponic creation in the image above. As we talked about what #gardenchat was and about growing your own food they were confused on where would an every day grower put something like that? I put my grow year-round thinking cap on and was happy to share with them I would put it in the middle of my sunroom which also happens to be the family room. I'm curious to where you would put something like the growing system in the image above. Please post your answer on this blog post and I will tweet you credit. Can't wait to read what my growing friends have to say.

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David Moffitt said...

Back before I had to move my brother in with me, I used his bedroom as my grow room. I think I'd have to kick him into the seed room when I move to the garage