Sunday, April 15, 2012

Introduction from a New Contributor to GardenChat!

Hello there #gardenchat Friends!

I have been graciously asked to be a part of the #gardenchat team.  My name is Brooke Kroeger and I am the author of Creative Country Mom's WebGarden.  I'm located in the hills of South Western Indiana, about 30 minutes from the Kentucky border. We live on 7 acres way out in the country on a 48 acre lake. Lots of woods, water, wildflowers and animal life to enjoy.

Our farmhouse style home is 5 years old, but the initial front borders are 4 years.... since then I have worked my way out. This past spring I included a raised bed rose garden with new 35 roses. It has been a fantastic addition, with at least 10 varieties blooming at any given time. I am an avid collector; irises, daylilies, hydrangeas, roses, flowering shrubs, and recently rare conifers and evergreens. With such a big area to work with, it has been a challenge and a wonderful opportunity to start with a blank canvas to create a dream garden.

One thing I was blessed with is ROCKS! We had 52 boulders when we dug our basement. If you dig, you get a rock.... so I am constantly amending planting areas as I expand. We have a very unique “Firepit” rock garden that includes the majority of the largest boulders.... one is bigger than a compact car! It looks like the scene of “Survivor” when we have a fire and light the tiki torches... who knows who will be “voted off the island”

Basically, I am an ever learning, avid home gardener that share her experiences... I am passionate about my blooms, thrive to create long lasting, creative combinations that will endure. My garden is coming together to a point that the fun part is now... editing... decorating... the heavy lifting is mostly in place.... it is the time to enjoy it.

Please enjoy this little video I made today.  The sound is about 3 seconds faster than the things you are seeing.  Hey, I'm a gardener, this is GOOD for me!

I look forward to meeting new gardeners and you can follow me on Twitter at @ Brooke_CCM

Again thanks Bren and the gang for the nice welcome to your team!



jchapstk said...

It's beautiful. Looking forward toyour posts also.

Jo said...

Welcome to The#gardenchatBlog Brooke!