Thursday, March 22, 2012

Support Your Local IGC .. TWEET IT!

Did you know that you can reach over 100,000 people on the #gardenchat network on Twitter? According to the official social media stats at The World Of Social Media over 25 billion tweets were sent in 2011. The gardening friends who support sharing their love for gardening on the hashtag #gardenchat has a strong positive outreach and we are asking YOU to join in the cause this spring season by sharing from your local independent garden centers (IGC).

YOU can make a difference in your community by sharing with BILLIONS of twitter users about what's growing in your IGC in 3 easy steps :

Step 1 : Tweet a photo,video or just a Twitter friendly sentence about the IGC you are visiting. 
Step 2:  Attach #gardenchat #IGC in the tweet.

Independent Garden Centers Make The Gardens Grow!

Share with the world what is growing on in your community and be featured on the #gardenchat network site during the month of April and May 2012!  

* we will be posting your tweet on the #gardenchat website as part of our cause to bring social media to our independent garden centers and support our locals.   See @BG_garden for more details or questions.

3 comments: said...

My favorite Independent Garden Center is Country Harmony in Brownsburg, IN. The atmosphere is quaint but also upscale. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. The quality of their plants and their attention to detail in plant care make them a STAND OUT. I am there most weeks during the growing season! And, trust their advice and recommendations.

TheGardenChat said...

@BigBlendRadio shares : Tonoho Chul Park #TucsonRT @BG_garden: Do you have a favorite #IGC ? < tweet one to support local! #gardenchat

Bren Haas said...

It is hard for me to narrow it down to just 1 IGC that I love the most. I've been known to fly over 4,000 miles just to visit a garden center! ;-) I KNOW ... CRAZY!!!! One of my favorites is found in Elmore Ohio - they have a beautiful webpage and you will find images of their location on the twitter feed all spring, summer, autumn and winter from me! Check them out on the web at