Friday, March 16, 2012

How To Participate Using Twitter

If you have just stumbled Upon this site and are curious to what all the tweeting in the garden is about you will want to finish reading this blog post.  #gardenchat is a Twitter based chat forum where garden enthusiasts from all walks of life connect and interact sharing ideas about their experience growing. Join in the conversation on the Twitter is easy to do and can be a life changing experience. The Twitter based chat forum known as #gardenchat is where the gardens grow using social media. This twitter community began in 2009 when a few ladies and gents would connect regularly sharing from their gardens.

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To participate in the conversation you must first set up a Twitter account. Set up your Twitter account by following the steps on the help forum at Twitter by clicking HERE.
If you have a Twitter account all you have to do is enter #gardenchat in the search box located on the HOME page of your account.  You will begin to see what the garden world on twitter is sharing.   Participants will have to refresh the Twitter URL often to see what others are adding in real time to the conversation. You may also use a  third party application like Hoot Suite, Tweetchat or Tweetdeck. There are many different tools designed to make Tweeting easier for you. It is important to note that the use of these alternative application it does not always ensure an optimal networking experience. Always refer to your Twitter account for accurate networking on #gardenchat.
In the week leading up to the #gardenchat scheduled event a topic is networked on the social networks Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and the official #gardenchat blog. During the scheduled #gardenchat Monday a topic is discussed and a guest host specializing in that topic is usually present to help with any questions participants may have. Questions are also submitted before the scheduled events and we try our best to answer each one during the event. Everyone attending the chat is encouraged to share their experience and answer questions as well. 
The Twitter feed is filled with gardeners using social media to participate from many different gardening zones so the timeline can be streaming fast. If you can't keep up with the fast moving tweets there is no need to panic because a transcript is saved after each event. These transcripts can be viewed at anytime and can be a wonderful learning tool because most of our participants come to the event with links to share related to the scheduled topic. Documentation of the topic is a great way to keep the garden experience alive and available for anyone to review at their convenience.
If you are interested in sharing as a guest host on #gardenchat please submit a topic* you would like us to network to Bren of
In the video below Bren of @BG_garden shares how easy it is to connect with other gardens from around the world using twitter.

For more information on how to participate and what #gardenchat is all about please check out our website at #gardenchat. 

 Be sure to follow @TheGardenChat on Twitter where we are dedicated to sharing who is growing on Twitter every day!

Connect with us by #shoutOuts letting us know what you are growing in your garden or kitchen! We are excited to share the exciting things about growing your own food and flowers on Twitter.

LET US KNOW ... Tell us what you would like to have featured on #gardenchat Monday 9-10 scheduled Events by posting on this blog post. 

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