Sunday, November 27, 2011

Season of Giving Event Kick-Off

As our gardens gave to us this past year it is time for us to use that as an example during the Holiday Season.   It is truly the season for giving and #gardenchat wants to make that possible for you.
 Join us on #gardenchat  this Sunday November 27,2011 as we connect and share with garden product providers who have made it possible for us to continue growing better gardens.    During the 2 hour special event we encourage you to join in the conversation on twitter as well as our blog by sharing your favorite garden products.  During this 2 hour event of networking with the garden product providers many participants will be eligible for the Stocking Stuffer Giveaway featured below .    Details on how to enter are at the bottom of the prize list on this blog. 

Stocking Stuffer Giveaway
Giving away 2 at the Event 11/27
Giving Away at the 11/27 Event
1 Kneeling Seat

Giving Away at the Event 11/27
  2 - ¼ Peck Gift Baskets

Giving Away at the Event 11/27 

Giving Away at the Event 11/27
by Debra L. Baldwin
Giving Away at the 11/27 Event: 

Giving Away at the 11/27 Event

Giving away 1  at the event 11/27
long straight snip

Giving Away at the 11/27 Event 
2 / $25 gift certificates to Stark Bros

Giving Away 3 Lucky Bamboo Plants
Giving Away 1 set of  Burlap Girdles 
(1,5 & 10 Gal.)  

Giving Away 10 of the 11/27 Event
3 Sister Seed Pack

Giving Away at the 11/27 Event
The Vistor's Guide To American Gardens 
by Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp  

Giving Away at the 11/27 Event

The products above will be given away starting at 10 p.m. after the #gardenchat special event that will take place on Twitter. Directions on how to participate in #gardenchat are located on  the #gardenchat webpage.  

To qualify for the drawing you must participate in the #gardenchat Season of Giving event taking place on 11/27 at 8-10 p.m.  on Twitter.    The more you RT the event before the event gives you better chances of your name being drawn because for each RT your name goes in the stocking!  Be sure to comment on this blog post because that enters your name in the drawing as well. 

The images above will be given away in a drawing that will take place live stream.    The Winners will be announced on Twitter immediately following the live webcast of the drawing.  Link to the live webcast will be networked on the #gardenchat live stream so you can watch for your name to be drawn. 

*@TheGardenChat administrator not responsible for products being given away at tonights event.  @TheGardenChat is organizer of this special twitter event as well as administrative networker for the products being promoted.  Each company featured on this page is responsible for shipping the items being given away.   Each winner MUST have their shipping information sent to by 11/30 or you will not qualify to receive the items your name was drawn to receive.   

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