Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Growums : Pizza Garden Kit

 Did you know that the sauce on pizza is made from tomatoes and herbs? And now you can grow these same delicious things in your garden to make your own! Season of Giving is excited to announce a giveaway that will get kids in the garden.  @growums on Twitter has donated 1 Growums Pizza Garden Kit to be givenaway on  Tuesday 12/20/2011.

Kit Includes

Each Growums Garden Kit comes with everything you need to start growing your own delicious vegetables and herbs. But your Growums experience doesn’t end there. Before you start your seeds, be sure to register your garden at Growums.com, then get ready for an interactive gardening adventure! Fun-loving Growums characters come to life in a series of animated videos that show you how to properly care for your plants, from planting the seeds to harvesting your food. (You’ll even learn tips on what to do with your garden once it’s finished for the season.) Your Growums friends will help you keep track of each stage of your garden’s progress, so you won’t get lost along the way. The more you log onto Growums.com, the more points you can earn to use later on the site. It’s a fun and educational online experience like no other, and it’s a wonderful way to grow a successful garden – one character at a time!

How to Participate in Giveaway  

To qualify in this drawing that will take place on 12/20/ 2011 at 10 p.m. ET follow the easy steps below: 

1.)  Be sure to follow @TheGardenChat and @MyGardenApps and tweet out :  Season of Giving on #gardenchat http://twurl.nl/f75t17 @TheGardenChat @MyGardenApps #gardenchat

2.)  Comment on this blog and share with us what your favorite plant was when you were a child.

3.) Follow the #gardenchat tweets on Tuesday 12/20/2011 to see if your name is picked at 10 p.m. ET

4.) Name drawn at 10 p.m. ET must send shipping information to @theGardenchat or @BG_garden by Midnight 12/132011 . 

* random.org is used to select the name from this blog post at 10 p.m. ET.  12/20/11 @TheGardenChat is not responsible for the product being donated to this event.  Winner must message @TheGardenChat their shipping information by Tuesday 12/20/2011 MIDNIGHT in order to receive this item.  IF we do not receive your shipping information at that time you are will forfeit the product.

Questions or Concerns ?  Please leave a comment on our blog post and we will respond as soon as possible.  Happy Season of Giving 2011!

Be sure to visit the @Growums website at : http://www.growums.com/GardenKits

** This product is not endorsed by #gardenchat / @TheGardenChat. The #gardenchat / @TheGardenChat has NOT BEEN paid to network this product.   #gardenchat is a place where gardeners can connect using social media. The products being presented during the Season of Giving event on #gardenchat have been donated by companies who would like to share in the growing community of #gardenchat.  


SolakNC said...

This would be a cool kit to grow with our granddaughter! Does it come with any pepperoni seeds? *giggle*... Thanks, @Growums and @TheGardenChat, for the contest! Oh, when I was a kid, my favorite plant was the yellow pear tomato - just because it was different than all the other tomatoes :)

Emily R. said...

I loved growing Iris when I was a little girl because they had the most gorgeous, enormous, frilly flowers in all colors of the rainbow. I remember taking tons of pictures of them every spring =)