Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Yes You Can ... and Year-Round too!

Some of my favorite images documenting my veggie garden are the ones I capture during the harvest just before canning the fresh produce. I've been canning using the hot bath method for over 15 years not to mention the years as a child helping my parents preserving some Midwest favorites like tomatoes and pickles. It was one of my Twitter / #gardenchat friends that got me thinking about preserving food year-round not just at the end of the summer harvest. I'm talking about Daniel Gasteiger who is witty yet a charming garden guru who I enjoy following on the garden networks because he breaths life into gardening and old traditions like canning. I had the privilege of speaking with Daniel / AKA @cityslipper about his new book coming out this week by Cool Springs Press . I've shared the exciting conversation in a podcast located at the bottom of this blog post. Listen close for details on how you can win an autographed copy of the very first book off of the printing press from Daniel Gasteiger !



I would like to invite you to submit questions for Daniel concerning preserving food on this blog entry. I will be taking your inquires and submitting them to our guest host to be answered during the #gardenchat Monday 9-10 p.m. ET. We are working to make #gardenchat a better experience for you!
Please visit Daniels website : Your Small Kitchen Garden where you can find more information about his book and preserving food supplies as well. In this podcast with Daniel he shares food preservation tips, how-to, recommendations for Newbies, recipes and a special note about a #gardenchat giveaway.

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