Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Social Media via Twitter From The Gardens

Sharing what is growing on in my neck of the woods has been why I'm online from the get go. My garden networking just keeps on growing as does my garden. If it weren't for social media and outlets like BLOGGER or Facebook I would have never met the fabulous garden folks I know today. Where would I be today in my garden without Joe Lamp'l sharing a comment on my very first blog 2 years ago and then twitter talk about Moo-Poo with Annie Haven? I've been able to connect with some amazing people around the world who share the same interests that I do. One of my favorite networks is Twitter. Hard to believe a little over a year ago I said GOODBYE to twitter for a few months because I just didn't feel it was helping my garden grow. If it weren't for a Tweet-Out stating that ' I didn't like Twitter' and a tweet back from @interleafer I would have hung up my tweeting tools forever. Laura Livengood Schaub shared a link to tweetdeck.com and the fun began for me on Twitter. I learned so much about how to connect with others who enjoy the garden world and now I'm the administrator of an organized chat forum that takes place every Monday with some fabulous peeps who love to toil in the soil as much as I do! My adventures organizing #gardenchat has been featured on Martha Stewart Radio on the Homegrown radio segment. I was extremely excited to have Stacey Hirvela, Garden Writer for Martha Living as one of our guest host in April. You can check out that transcript on the #gardenchat transcript page. I was honored and extremely nervous when she asked me to be a guest on her radio show. I don't know why I was so nervous because I love sharing gardening via #gardenchat. I had a great time talking about what I love most about networking on Twitter. To check out what they wrote about my appearance on the show and to hear the radio interview please check out Martha Stewart Radio / Twitter Chatting : The Next Big Thing For Gardeners. Be sure to follow Martha Stewart Living on Twitter at @MS_Living . Feel the energy.... I was super stoked to be on the radio to talk about #gardenchat. Before I went live with Stacey on Martha Stewart Radio I shared some fun thought about #gardenchat in this video.

WHAT DO I LOVE ABOUT #gardenchat?

The #gardenchat has connected many people from all walks of life sharing what inspires them to grow. It allows those who enjoy social networking to join in the fun by sharing links to their networks and connecting with others with similar interests. Having 100's of gardeners right at my finger tips to help answer questions and share their gardening experience is what I love most about #gardenchat.

My question to you is : IF YOU COULD CONNECT with those who make the world of gardening grow by participating in a simple forum like #gardenchat WOULDN'T YOU? Share with me on this link what you love most about social media and I hope you join us on the next #gardenchat!

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