Friday, September 23, 2011

Move It Or Lose It!

Can't stand to see your spring plants being over taken by others and want to make the most of your spring garden?  Join us for an extra hour of #gardenchat 9/26 on the topic of : Autumn Garden : Move It Or Lose It!

We welcome Benjamin Vogt,author of the blog The Deep Middle where he rants about writing and his 1,500 foot native prairie garden. Benjamin lives in Lincoln, Nebraska with his wife, where he runs a native plant garden consulting and coaching business, Monarch Gardens.  @BRVogt shared with me that "Most people, I think, don't mulch well in the fall, and maybe overwater those divisions. That's my theory.....but fall is my PRIME moving and planting season, too because planting in spring is just a waste."

Please join us September 26 - Monday 10 - 11 P.M ET RIGHT AFTER the normal hour of #gardenchat with @leafmag <#outdoorstyle> as we share tips and ideas for the Autumn garden.    For more information on #gardenchat be sure to check out our website at TheGardenChat .

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