Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Growing * Giving on #gardenchat

Join us for #GardenChat on Monday, August 22nd with Guest Host @MelissaJBond for a discussion about Growing and Giving; Formally AND Informally

Have you ever grown too many tomatoes or zucchini and tried giving them away to friends and neighbors only to find that they just can't take anymore? Have you ever left "care packages" on the doorsteps of said friends and neighbors, rang the bell, and ran away before they could say no? Ever take those extras into the office and set them by the coffee with a big "FREE - TAKE ME" sign?

We all have busy lives and while many of us are diligent with our harvests; canning, freezing and drying for enjoyment many months later, some (like me) just grow a little more than we need. Let's discuss ways to share the harvest. There are formal programs to donate to local food banks, pantries, and soup kitchens, as well as many informal networks to distribute fresh produce to those who might not have access or cannot grow their own.

Part of giving is also sharing knowledge of growing fruits and vegetables. Community gardens and Master Gardener programs are on the front lines providing access to spaces and knowledge, and we in the Twitterverse share a passion and communication tool to spread the word.

Share your experiences, ideas, tips, and resources on #GardenChat
* Be sure to follow Melissa on Twitter and check out her blog at The Informal Garden .

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