Saturday, June 18, 2011

gardenchat how I love thee, let me count the ways..

Guest Post by @agardendiary
What in the world is garden chat anyway?
Officially, #gardenchat is a Twitter forum where garden enthusiasts of all ages, from all walks of
life connect and interact sharing ideas about their experience growing. And, that is just the
tip of the iceberg!

What have I learned?
  • That you don't have to be a redneck in Alabama to grow great roses but it helps.
  • That dirt and martinis really do go together.
  • That Moo Poo can take your plants to the next level.
  • That I am not the only one who is passionate about gardening!
  • That by using social media we are shrinking the world!
  • That gardeners in Canada are still having snow in June.
  • That there is amazing garlic being grown in northern Florida.
  • That somewhere in the world there is a furry garden helper named Nutmeg.
  • That many gardeners are impatient but some more than others.
  • That I now have many gardening friends that supply me with new and fresh recipes on a regular basis.
  • That the gardening world has it's rockstars and some of them even write books and are more than casual about tomatoes.
  • That many gardeners (young and old alike) inspire us by gardening regardless of their disability.
  • That many gardening friends are more than willing to share their gardens on a regular basis via #gardenwalk.
  • That there was a GAGA before the GAGA and she grows beautiful roses and developed something very important she refers to as “the OUI Theory.”
  • That there is a Bren of Vision that opened up a whole new world to gardeners when she developed #gardenchat.

What is it to me?

• A virtual garden club!
• An amazing hour of inFormation, Fun, Flowers, Food, Friends and Frenzy. And it is heavy
on the Friends!

What it could be to you?

If you are even mildly interested in gardening and mildly knowledgeable of social media, set up a Twitter account and join us. You might want to go slow at first ... be a watcher/listener to get your bearing, but it won't take long until you are ready to jump in "fingers first” to join the frenzy. You will Learn, Laugh and be Loaded down with support and encouragement.

Hope to see you there ... from someone who loves to dig in the dirt, grow roses and share her garden experiences thru ...agardendiary.

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