Saturday, October 30, 2010

First Giveaway on #gardenchat

Tonight #gardenchat will be hosted by my friends at Costa Farm , Melissa Arteaga Martí and Master Growers Dr. Kate Santos and Alex Diazas they share the facts about Houseplants featuring the 'O2 for you' program. The 'O2 for you' program has been featured on shows like Good Morning America with hopes of promoting good health in the home. This #gardenchat is a first for the Twitter hashtag group because it is the very first chat gathering where participants will be eligible to receive a give-away! Six participates of tonight's #gardenchat event will be receiving an O2 for You goodie bag.
YOU COULD WIN Costa Farms 'Goodie Bag' of O2 for You - Houseplants with a purpose! Six random gardeners who 1.) participate in #gardenchat Nov.1 (9pm. ET) 2.) are members of #gardenchat Facebook page. and 3.)show the most enthusiasm and generate the most buzz around and during the chat. These random #gardenchat participants who meet the guidelines list above will be chosen to receive a Costa Farms Goodie Bag of O2 for You! Be sure to stop over to the Facebook page for more information or to add to the discussion. Be sure to watch the Facebook Fan page for information on a houseplant give-away taking place at tonight chat. The winners of the six goodie bags by @costafarms will be announced on Tuesday.  I will also post the winners and the chats transcript here on the blog.

O2 For You in Autumn Containers :

I love to think out of the box when it comes to gardening and in this video I share an different twist to using houseplants in your Autumn decorating containers. Please subscribe to my blog or check back often so you can see the winners of tonights #gardenchat chat with guest host @costafarms.

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